First Aid For Rib Injuries

Facts About Rib Injuries

  • Rib Injuries typically occur after a fall or by bicycle
  • The pain is intense
  • There may be bone loss and difficulty breathing in the most severe cases where the lung may be dotted
  • However, most cases of rib injuries are innocent and only cause pain that typically increases in the days following the accident
  • The forecast is good
  • The treatment can be supported by an arm bandage that can provide a little relief, but otherwise pain relief medicine is sufficient to relieve
  • It is important to consult a doctor if you have difficulty breathing


  • Rib cuts typically occur after fall or by bicycle
  • A broken rib is naturally held in place because it is attached to the chest. There is no need for any special action in order for the break to be correct
  • To relieve pain, it can help support the arm on the injury side
  • In exceptional cases, a broken rib may puncture the lung and cause acute difficulty breathing. This is especially true for major injuries

Typical symptoms and signs

  • Sharp pain in the side. The pain is aggravated by deep breathing, cough or movement
  • Tenderness of the damaged rib
  • In some cases, the early pain is the message. There may then be a worsening of pain the first week after the injury
  • Rapid invasive respiratory distress indicates suspected pulmonary embolism
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