Contribute Medical Review

We accept guest post submissions on any medical topic provided these below criteria for guest posting are met.

Guidelines For Contributed Content On Medical Review

  • Content needs to be related to the medical industry or serve the medical interests or needs of patients visiting this website.
  • Content needs to be 100% unique and written or curated by a medical professional or niche expert who must be named in the reference source.

We will not accept self promotion or product promotional content articles unless they serve the greater interests of our readers or meet the above two criteria.

This means that

  1. The content must be factual
  2. The content cannot be biased or defame another product, service, provider or
  3. The content must be written for reading consumption (NOT to meet your SEO objectives)
  4. Content must be interesting and add value to our audience

All content on this website will go through our review process and must our formatting guidelines in the form below.

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. Facts
  4. Unlimited Sections (To encourage in depth articles)
  5. Authors Contacts / Website

Medical Review content editors decision to publish or not publish your article is at our absolute discretion and we make no guarantees whatsoever that it will be published.

PLEASE NOTE: Editors will link articles to attribute the source of the article if accepted.

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