First Aid For Child That Has Ingested A Poisonous Plant

Facts About Poisonous Plants

  • Most plants, shrubs and trees are harmless. However, a few may cause discomfort if you ingest them. They may cause stomach upset and vomiting or irritation if they come on the skin or in the eyes
  • The amount is crucial. Rinse leftovers away from skin or eyes. Give something to drink when consumed, it dilutes the poison
  • You should know which plants grow in your close environment (garden)

Most plants, bushes and trees we surround ourselves with both inside and outside are fortunately harmless but unfortunately not all. However, it is rarely a problem for older people.

But if you have small children, it is important that you know which plants are poisonous and what to do if your child is eating these plants.

Light poisoning

Although the poisonous plants are not necessarily dangerous, they can cause some discomfort. Either they are eaten or the baby gets the poison on their skin or eyes.

If a child has taken toxic amounts of a poisonous plant, shrub or tree, the typical reactions are nausea, vomiting and other stomach problems. This is often combined with pain on the lips, the mouth and the throat.

The amount is crucial

If your child has eaten a poisonous plant, the first thing you should do is remove plant herbs and give the child something to drink. What kind of drink you give plays less a role. The drink is given to remove and dilute any plant residue or plant juice from the mucous membranes.

Sometimes you may also be advised to give the child medical attention, but first consult the line if this is necessary.

Vomiting should rarely be induced at home. It can be scary to the child and is almost never necessary. If the child has severe symptoms, call emergency services immediately.

Most inquiries rarely end with poisoning. When children ingest poisonous plants, it often happens that they only taste a little on a leaf. It is thus the amount that means they do not usually get poisoned.

Remove toxic plants

Most requests for the line of marrow apply to children between the ages of 1-4 years who have tasted poisonous plants. However, the line of pregnancy also receives a number of inquiries about babies aged 7-11 months, and some inquiries about adults.

To prevent your child from becoming poisoned, follow these tips:

  • You must know which plants are in your neighbourhood – typical garden
  • You must know which ones are poisonous and avoid getting the baby caught
  • You can prevent the baby from getting poisonous plants by either removing the plants or by placing them in such a way that the child can not grab them
  • If you are unsure if the plant you purchased is toxic, call the Gift Line
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