First Aid For Knee Injuries

Facts About Knee Injuries

  • Knee injuries are frequent in sports, but can also occur as a result of everyday events such as cycling
  • Symptoms are strong pain, swelling and difficulty moving the knee joint
  • Bony fracture, ligament tearing and locked knee meniscus calls require emergency treatment
  • The knee must be spared during transport to hospital: The knee is supported and cool compresses or ice bags


  • A number of different injuries may occur in a knee joint. It can be difficult to determine if a person has a break in the knee shell or broken cartilage or ligaments
  • If in doubt, treat the damage as described below

Typical symptoms and signs

  • Strong pain
  • swelling
  • Anxiety in moving the knee joint

What can I do

  • Check if the leg can carry swelling or discolouration or if the joint is locked

Contact your own doctor

  • When the genes after stroke or distortion progress quickly

Contact a doctor immediately

  • If you are suspected of fracture , tendon tearing or meniscus injury, which causes interference

First Aid For Knee Injuries

  • Shock your leg
    • Get the injured person to lie down
    • Stabilise and support your leg in a comfortable position
    • Put something soft as a pillow or rolled up under the knee
  • Bandages the knee
    • Place a circular support band around the knee
    • Put an ice bag on top of the backing strap
  • Call if necessary. ambulance or, if possible, transport the person in the emergency room
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