First Aid For Foreign Objects Under The Skin

Facts About Objects Under The Skin

  • A foreign body under the skin is any object that comes from the outside and penetrates or sits in the skin
  • If possible, try to remove it with tweezers or similar
  • Otherwise, seek medical advice to get it removed and assess if there is a need for tetanus shot


  • A foreign body such as a wooden block, a glass cut or a metal piece that penetrates the skin is rarely clean and can cause infection
  • If a splint / chips stick out of the skin, remove it with tweezers or flat pliers
  • If the end of the splint / tile is not visible, seek medical attention as it is easy to push the splint even deeper into the skin if you try for yourself

First aid

  • Use a tweezers to remove wood pieces or fiberglass, small glass cuts or other foreign matter that protrudes from the skin.
  • Thoroughly clean the area with running water, any soap and water. Finish with disinfectant or alcohol
  • Large deep-seated foreign body:
    • Larger or deep-sea foreign matter should not be removed. It may be that they wound up the wound again and that removing it can trigger a severe bleeding
    • Bandages around the object, but do not press against the object if it protrudes. Bandages over the object. If it does not stick out, do not push it against it
  • Smaller or superficially located foreign body:
    • Thoroughly clean the area with soap and water
    • Sterilize a needle by holding it in a flame for a few seconds
    • Open the skin over the foreign body with the needle. Use tweezers to remove the foreign body
    • If the foreign body does not come out easily, seek medical attention
  • Tetanus Injection?
    • If the injured person has not received tetanus vaccine or has not received tetanus vaccination during the last 10 years, vaccination is required.
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