First Aid For Muscle Cramps

Facts About Muscle Cramps

  • Muscle cramps are seen by overload or fatigue
  • The legs or fingers are stretched out and the area relaxed
  • The seizures occur sporadically, but in repeated cases you should be examined by a doctor


  • Muscle cramps can occur suddenly. This is typically due to a tightening or contraction in a single muscle or group of muscles
  • The cramp can usually be relieved by stretching the tight muscles
  • Cramps can be caused by a large loss of fluid through sweat. In that case, it is important to get the person to drink plenty, like a sports drink containing salts and sugar

What can I do

  • One should consider whether there are individual cases or several cases without significant provocative factors.

Contact your own doctor

  • Single-sided convulsions do not require medical treatment, but repeated cases should be investigated.
Contact a doctor immediately
  • Cramps that arise in connection with sports are relieved at rest. Cramps related to epilepsy will require contact with a doctor.

First aid

  • In the hand
    • Stretch the bent fingers by bending them backwards
    • Massage your hand to relieve the cramp further
  • In the foot
    • Stretch the bent toes by pushing them upwards
    • Help him / her to stand on the forefoot (front part of the foot)
  • In the lower leg
    • Stretch your knee and press the foot upwards
    • Lots of muscle muscles
  • On the back of the thigh
    • Stretch your knee by pushing the leg up and forward while pushing your knee down
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