First Aid For Nose Injuries

Facts About Nose Injuries

  • Injury to the face causes frequent fracture of the nose or cheekbone under the eyes
  • The symptoms are discolouration, swelling and pain in the damaged area
  • X-ray examination will be needed
  • Bone fractures in the nose are accompanied by major swelling and nasal bleeding that can be alleviated with cold rags
  • The severely disrupted fractures are treated with anaesthesia during anaesthesia


  • A strong blow to the face, for example in a collision with a car, is a common cause of the bruising of the cheekbone or the nose

Typical symptoms and signs

  • Swelling and blood withdrawal
  • Pain in the damaged area

What can I do

  • Make sure the face is symmetrical
  • Make sure the cheekbones and nose have unchanged appearance

Contact your own doctor

  • If necessary, contact your doctor when the pain after the stroke is rapid and there are no major swelling or discolourations on the face.

Contact a doctor immediately

  • When a fracture of the nose or cheekbone is suspected , or the person is dumb or unclear

First aid

  • Cool the nose down
    • Put a cold compress over the damaged area to limit the swelling that will otherwise develop
  • Treat nose bleeding
  • If there is yellow, light blood coloured liquid out of the nose, care must be taken that there may be a skull fracture
  • Get the injured to hospital
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