First Aid For Exposure to Poisonous Plants

Facts About Poisonous Plants

  • If there are eaten plants, one should
    1. Remove any plant residues from the oral cavity
    2. Give something to drink
    3. Contact the Help Line
  • If plant suds has come on the skin or in the eyes, rinse immediately with water
  • In some cases there may be a need to provide medicated activated charcoal. However, the venom should be contacted before deciding on this

If your child has eaten poisonous plants or has annoying plant suds on the skin or in the eye, the line of recommendation recommends the following first aid measures:

First aid when eaten or tasted on plant material

  1. Remove plant residues from the mouth
  2. Immediately give the child something to drink
  3. Save any plant residue for later identification
  4. Vomiting should not normally be brought home
  5. Contact the Emergency immediately

By spraying of plant sap in the eye or on the skin

  1. Rinse immediately with lukewarm water
  2. If the eye is still irritated after rinsing, it may be necessary to contact a doctor
  3. Early ingestion of charcoal may reduce poisoning after poisonous plants have been consumed
  4. It is not always necessary or correct to provide medical fun. Therefore, you should contact your doctor or doctor before this is given
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