First Aid For A Foreign Object in The Nose

Facts About Object in The Nose

  • It is quite common for young children to put something up in the nose and the object can block air passage
  • If the article is sharp, it can damage the mucosa in the nose and a little nose bleed
  • If you can see the item, try to remove it with tweezers or similar
  • You must avoid pushing the foreign body further up


  • It is quite common for young children to put small objects into the nose
  • The object can block the nose and cause an infection
  • If the article is sharp, it can damage the mucous membrane of the nose and give a nose bleed

First aid

  • If a foreign body is stuck in the nose of a child, you might want to blow it out:
    • You put the child sideways on the lap with the nostrils – where something is stuck – towards you
    • The second nostrils are squeezed together with a finger
    • You breathe deeply into the baby’s mouth with your mouth and blow out heavily
    • The child closes the throat mirror reflectively, so that all the air rises in its nose from behind and the foreign body blows out
    • Try several times before giving up. In this case, the child must be a doctor
  • If a foreign body has stuck in your nose:
    • Do not attempt to remove the foreign body with a match, cotton swab or other tool
    • Avoid breathing heavily through the nose, but instead try to breathe through your mouth
    • If the foreign body is visible, you can remove it with tweezers if you can get it
    • Blow out through the nose to try to get rid of the foreign body. Squeeze the other nostril together while doing this. Be careful to blow too hard and too many times – so the foreign body may get stuck
    • If this fails, consult a doctor
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