First Aid For Jaw Injuries

Facts About Jaw Injuries

  • Fracture of the jaw is usually a direct blow to the jaw
  • The joint is crooked, the injured person may lose and have severe pain. The mouth can not be opened completely
  • The patient should sit up. If there are severe injuries, the person may lie down with the damaged facial part downwards until you reach the emergency room / emergency room


  • A broken jaw is usually a direct blow to the jaw. Exceptionally, a blow to one side of the jaw can also lead to a breach on the other side

Typical symptoms and signs

  • Pain when the person talks, chews or falls
  • Often bloody saliva
  • The teeth’s joints are crooked
  • Swelling or unevenness along the jaw

What can I do

  • Check if the mouth can be opened freely without major genes
  • Contact your doctor if the pain after the impact does not go away quickly
  • Contact your doctor immediately if the jaw is crooked

First aid

  • Keep the respiratory tract open
    • Invite the injured to lean forward so that fluid in the mouth can run out of the mouth
    • Ask the injured to spit out any loose teeth or dentures
    • Take care of the teeth / teeth. Give them to the ambulance staff or doctor. Read more about first aid by loose teeth
  • Shock your jaw
    • Ask the injured to hold a soft piece of cloth lightly against the jaw
  • In case of serious injury
    • If the injured person is seriously injured, or not in full consciousness, he or she must be placed in stable sideways with the damaged side down and a soft piece of cloth underneath the head
  • Get the injured person to a hospital
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