First Fid For Mushroom Poisoning

Facts For Mushroom Poisoning

  • If you suspect mushroom poisoning, you should contact the Toothbrush
  • Save any mushrooms
  • If you have the opportunity, take a picture of the mushroom with your smartphone – and send the image to the emergency medics
  • You should talk to the medics about what to do next, including active charcoal administration

If you think you or your child have eaten poisonous fungi, the Gift Line recommends the following first aid:

In case of suspected mushroom poisoning

  1. Store residues of the mushroom, possibly the fungus vomiting
  2. Take a picture of the mushroom. The gift line can receive pictures via phone
  3. Try to describe the mushroom and the area where the mushroom was picked in: garden, park, lawn, pine forest, under deciduous trees, stump or bark residue, on hills. It is advantageous to have a image of the fungus available to medical doctors.
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