Chronic Cervix Inflammation

Facts About Chronic Cervix Inflammation

  • Chronic cervical inflammation is a disorder that occurs with increasing frequency with age
  • The woman plagued by mucus discharge with pus, possibly. mixed with blood
  • No bacterial infection
  • Featuring mucus producing lining of the womb to the cervix
  • Treatment is aimed at stopping mucus production

What is chronic cervical inflammation?

The cervix (cervix uteri) is opening into the uterine cavity and is located deep in the vagina (see drawing).

Chronic inflammation of the cervix is a slightly turbid state that lacks good definition. There are symptoms of inflammation of the cervix, but bacterial and viral tests are normal (see. Acute cervical inflammation ). The cause is unknown.

How common is chronic cervical inflammation?

The incidence of the condition increases with age, and the condition is most common around the menopause (menopause).

What causes chronic inflammation of the cervix?

The cause is unknown.

What are the symptoms of chronic cervical inflammation?

The mode can provide ample and continuous discharge.

Udflådet are often slimy and may at times contain udflådet pus.

Udflådet can also be bloody.

What symptoms should you pay particular attention to?

There are no specific symptoms to be aware of.

How is it diagnosed?

The diagnosis is usually in connection with the investigation of udflådsplager.

By gynecological examination finds the doctor that uterine mouth is red and inflamed. Growing Tests are not always the presence of bacteria or viruses.

What treatment is there?

The goal of treatment is to reduce mucus production in the uterine mouth. Antibiotics are often ineffective, and there is no guarantee that other treatment works.

One can try therapy freezing (cryosurgery), heat therapy (diathermy), or laser treatment of the cervix.

How is long-term prospects?

It is not unusual to relapse after treatment. The condition is, however, completely harmless.

How do I avoid or aggravate chronic cervical inflammation?

You can not even do anything.

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