Herpes in Pregnancy

Facts About Herpes in Pregnancy

  • Pregnant women can get herpes outbreak during pregnancy
  • Treatment is the same as in non-pregnant
  • In rare cases, a pregnant with first-time outbreak of herpes infect her child during birth
  • For first-time outbreak close to birth be cesarean considered
  • Most women with known herpes will give birth normally

The risk of pregnancy

Herpes on the genitals caused by a viral infection. The infection is chronic, and some have frequent recurrent outbreaks.

If you have ever had an outbreak of genital herpes, there is no special risk associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Earlier Monday made cesarean if the pregnant woman had herpes outbreaks at birth. Today we know that the risk to the newborn baby becoming infected during birth is very low, and most feeder therefore normal.

At the outbreak during pregnancy can treat herpes normally with aciclorvir.

If you have frequent outbreaks during pregnancy, preventive oral therapy with acyclovir considered the final weeks before the expected date.

If you have never had genital herpes and have a break in the last three months of pregnancy, there may be greater risk of infecting the baby at birth and caesarean section should be considered if you get it after the week 34th

You should therefore in these cases contact a doctor or midwife for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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