First Aid For Crushing Injuries


  • Clamping is when a person can not get free from a situation where he / she is stuck
  • If possible, the clamp should be released, but observe and treat for external or internal bleeding and shock


  • Being trapped is usually due to the fact that something has fallen on / over a person or a car accident where the injured person is squeezed
  • The damage may include fracture and internal or external bleeding
  • If the injured person has been clamped for extended periods of time, body tissue – especially muscle – may be damaged. When the pressure is removed, the injured can go into shock
  • In case of prolonged encapsulation, poisons can accumulate in the broken tissue. If the toxins are released too quickly to the circulation, it could in the worst case cause damage to the kidneys

Stuck less than 15 minutes

  1. Remove the object that clamps the person firmly
  2. Handle damage
    • Cover any wound with sterile bandage and press firmly against the wound to control possible bleeding
    • Immobilise any fractures, that is, make sure that the damaged area is kept calm
    • Be sure to treat any shock
    • Call for an ambulance
  3. Observe the injured person
    • Record regular vital functions of the injured – awareness level, pulse, breathing – until help arrives

Stuck longer than 15 minutes

  • If possible, release the injured person
  • Be aware of the risk that the injured person may be in shock . Let the person lay with his legs high
  • Perform calm and comfort the injured person
  • Record regularly vital functions of the injured – awareness level, pulse, breathing – until the help is present
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