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What Exactly is Cancer?

Cancer causes cells to split maniacally. This can arise as tumors, harm to the immune system, and other impairments that, if left untreated, can be fatal. In this blog entry, we look at the different types of cancer, discuss how the disease progresses, and discuss the various treatment options that greatly boost […]

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Facts About Lymphoedema Lymphoedema is the term for swelling due. Lymph who can not drain properly. Lymph flows in small vessels of the limbs and the various organs from the heart For many operations including abdominal cancer and breast cancer lymph nodes removed then there may be lymphoedema Treatment consists […]

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Silicone Breast Implants

Facts About Breast Implant Surgery Breast implants are used for cosmetic enhancement of breast size. In South Africa, the operation is performed by plastic surgeons It is believed that more than 50,000 South African women have silicone breast implants for breast augmentation or breast reconstruction In 2010, approximately 2,000 women […]

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Breast Lumps

Facts About Breast Lumps Nodules in the breasts are common in women because of hormonal fluctuations of the menstrual and breastfeeding Emerging nodules that persist during menstruation, should always be examined for breast cancer What are breast lumps? Mammary consist of mammary glands and milk ducts. Additionally, there are plenty […]

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Fibroadenoma in the Breasts

Facts Fibroadenoma A fibroadenoma is a benign tumor of the breast. It is a benign lump and not a real tumor Fibroadenomas are relatively common and seen in women in the 16-45 age There are usually no symptoms, but any lump in the breast should be examined by a doctor […]

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Benign Breast Lumps

Facts Benign Breast Lumps Nodules in the breasts are common in women because of hormonal fluctuations of menstruation and while nursing. Emerging nodules that persist during menstruation, should always be investigated. Generally Breast lumps in women is a frequent cause of contact with the doctor. The breast is composed of […]

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Oral Contraceptives

Facts About Oral Contraceptives Birth control pills are frequently used and effective contraception They prevent ovulation, makes the cervical mucus becomes less susceptible to a fertilized egg and changes the mucus in the cervix, which then become less permeable to sperm Pros: Simple to use, small and regular bleeding and reduces […]

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Breast Pain

Facts About Breast Pain Breast pain often have relationship with the menstrual cycle and due to hormone exposure of breast tissue Breast pain associated with amninger is very common, but signs of infection should contact a doctor When breast pain that is not related to lactation or menstruation cycle, one finds […]

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Breast Cancer Treatment

Facts About Breast Cancer Treatment Treatment of breast cancer consists primarily of operation Following surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and / or hormone ablation be topical Recurrence of breast cancer gives you primarily anti-hormone therapy or chemotherapy General information on the treatment of breast cancer There are many factors that come into play […]

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