Sexual Deviance

Facts About Sexual Deviances

  • Sexual deviance include everything that is not an “ordinary” intercourse between a woman and a man
  • Human sexual behavior is rich and diverse, and today it’s fortunately been acceptable trial and error and play with different ways to have sex
  • For some, a sexual variation is the only way they have sex on. Others use deviance to spice up their sex life with elements from eg fetishism or SM
  • Destructive sexual deviations (eg, exhibitionism or sexual contact with children) requires a special sexological treatment

What is meant by sexual deviance?

Sexual deviance (paraphilias) means sexual feelings, desires or behavior that is out of the ordinary. The perception of what is common and acceptable, and will vary with the culture time.

If a person feels like sexual deviance that create problems for the individual or illegal, are the basis for sexological treatment. This applies eg. If sexuality inhibits relevant to daily life (eg, by harming the joys of life or social relations). This also applies, or if their conduct is illegal (eg, exhibitionism, pedophilia or necrophilia). In this case we speak of an actual sexual deviation. Such conditions are unknown reasons much more frequently in men than in women.

A few generations ago, a sharp distinction between “normal” sexuality and sexual deviance. In today’s society, sexual experiments become much more acceptable. This means that sexual deviance is part of many people’s everyday sex life, without thereby see themselves as part of a special sexual subculture.

Examples of sexual deviations and deviance


An adored (blotter) feel excitement and gratification by exposing themselves to random passersby. Exhibitionism is one of the most common sexual deviations. The typical case is a middle-aged man who becomes sexually aroused by showing his genitals to strangers women as he possibly. Masturbates. Just Trent get a “kick” out of surprise, frighten and create awareness, and some hope to victims also become sexually excited. Exhibitionists are often harmless and often quite shy, but their behavior can be a great nuisance and is the same reason unlawful.


A voyeur (Peeps, lurking) becomes sexually aroused by spying on other people. Sometimes masturbate voyeur while beluringen takes place. Voyeurs are also relatively harmless, but it is illegal to spy on others.


Pedophilia is a sexual urge to look at, be with and possible. Have physical / sexual relations with children under or around puberty. The majority of children who are subjected to pedophile assaults are girls. To meet the requirements definition, a pedophile is older than 16 years and at least five years older than the child, he learned from.

Pedophiles are predominantly men, but female pedophiles do exist. In the majority of police-reported cases known child the pedophile, and at least 15% of cases these are relatives. Most pedophiles are heterosexual, and they are not infrequently married and have their own children. Many pedophiles have marital and sexual difficulties, and may abuse alcohol or marijuana issues. Some pedophiles have themselves been sexually abused in childhood.

It is not known certainly the frequency of pedophilia is, but it is important to distinguish between pedophiles fantasies and feelings (which are problematic but legal) and pedophile acts (which is always illegal).


Fetishists feel a strong sexual fascination with (and excitement at) objects and materials such as leather, rubber, silk, special underwear, stockings, shoes and boots. Pull of fetishism found in most people’s sex life or sexual fantasy universe, but for some sexual arousal and gratification impossible without the sexual fetish. Fetishism can help to give your sex life excitement and enjoyment, and only very rarely is the special fascination a problem. This applies, for example, if sexual arousal can only take place through special props or erotic rituals.


Transvestites are men who are sexually excited by walking in women. A transvestite is a mostly heterosexual family man who experience sexual gratification by dressing as a woman. In rare cases, women may also be transvestites. If transvestite accepted by his surroundings, giving his special desire rarely cause problems.

Transvestism should not be confused with transgenders where the person experiences a discrepancy between the biological and the experienced sex. Transgender people can be both women and men, and most transgender people do not experience that their situation has nothing to do with sexuality. For the same reason, the term “transsexual” misleading and outdated.

Erotic asphyxia (asphyxia)

Erotic asphyxia is a sexual deviation that involves attempts to intensify orgasm performance by reducing airflow, for example by placing a plastic bag over the head or a tight noose around the neck. Such behavior can be dangerous and also in South Africa led to deaths.

Other deviance sexual

Other deviance may be sexual sadomasochism (SM), where one is sexually satisfied by (as part of a voluntary sexual play) applying other pain (Sadism) or even being inflicting pain or humiliation (masochism). One also speaks of “dominance play” or “bonding” (where one party binds the other) which is related to the SM. Some have the urge to have sex with animals (bestiality or sodomy), which under certain circumstances is legal in South Africa. There can also be atypical forms of sexual arousal – from contact with urine (urine, profile) and feces (toilets, coprophilia) for gratification by rubbing the genitals against a person dressed in places with heavy congestion (frotteurism). The latter is of course forbidden.

When seeking people with sexual deviance and deviations help?

Persons with special sexual desires rarely need the help of a doctor or sex therapist. To play and experiment with sex life has become much more accepted than before. Some people with special interests looking together in communities of taste, either on the Internet or in the physical world. Only if the person (or his partner) find it difficult to come to terms with the sexual variation, a contact with the health system be considered.

Regarding criminal sexual deviations, it happens the other hand, not so rare that people seek professional help. It also happens that they make contact with the health system in connection with a judgment.

Is there treatment?

Far up in the 1900s worked medical science to “cure” special sexual behavior through different types of more or less rough treatment. Not least of homosexuality – which today has become an integral part of sexual culture – gave rise to great treatment zeal. Many gay sought even “treatment” because they had learned that their sexual desire was both sick and sinful. Today we fortunately have a much more relaxed attitude to sexlivets diversity and broad repertoire of practices and preferences. This means that the only problem injurious, destructive or direct, illegal sexuality forms can be considered for treatment.

The treatment of sexual deviations can be psychological (different types of conversation therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy), sometimes in groups. The aim is to sensitize the patient about the consequences of his or her actions. The person must be helped to control his urge to harmful sexual behavior. In addition anti-hormone therapy, which puts a damper on sexual desire. This form of treatment used to be very popular, and it is still used as a voluntary offer to sex offenders. The treatment is always combined with conversation-based therapy.

Avertionsterapi where the patient gets an electric shock or the like, when they look at pictures of “forbidden” objects (like a pedophile who see images of naked children) were previously popular but is no longer used in South Africa. The treatment regime is used, however, frequently in a number of other countries.

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