Facts About Sex

  • Sexuality is a human raw material, related to us from the time we are born until we die
  • Sexuality is the same reason many faces and functions, and where some like to experiment and test the boundaries, it is for other fortune to be close with their partners under the covers
  • A good sex life is a source of joy and affirmation
  • If you are in crisis or suffering from a chronic disease, it can intimate life be a place where downloading strength and resources to move forward in his life

What is sex?

Sexuality is many different things. The word can both refer to sexual intercourse and the aches and cohesion, one can feel when you’re close to another human being. In everyday language we use concepts of sexuality, sex and intercourse indiscriminately, but you must remember that sex can have many faces. A look, a smile or a caress can sometimes feel as intoxicating as a wild and juicy “one night stand”. In addition, sexuality does not necessarily have anything with erection, wetting, intercourse and orgasm to do. Kissing, hugging, holding hands, or to spoon can also be a valued sexual experience.


Having intercourse is also known to love or having sex. In Latin states coitus. There is no simple and good definition of sexual intercourse, but usually talk about two people who are playing with each other’s genitals and achieve sexual satisfaction (orgasm) about it. It can be about a man and a woman where the man leads his stiff penis into the woman’s vagina moist (skedesex). It can also be given to two men, one of which leads the penis in the other’s rectum (anal sex). Or it could be about two women who lick each other’s clitoris (mundsex) or using sex toys to stimulate each other’s vaginal opening. Intercourse can be many different things, and most couples switching between different ways to have sex – maybe even during a single sexual intercourse. Moreover, it is not uncommon for one’s sexual desires change their lives or with different partners. Finally, an intercourse well involve more than two people (group sex).

For pleasure

In earlier times it was believed that intercourse purpose was to create children. In our days when we have effective contraception, you have far more often sexual intercourse to get and give pleasure and express love and affection for his partner. There are big differences in how often different people have sex, and for most switching frequency from life stage to life stage. At the beginning of a relationship grows often (but not always) sex several times a week, while it is often (but not always) become more rare as the relationship becomes everyday. In times of crisis, stress or toddlers fills sexuality often less than in periods full of vigor and energy.


A sexual intercourse initiated mostly by the parties feel sex, or that they kiss and fondle each other. This phase is often called foreplay. Once the foreplay is successful, increases sexual desire and arousal. In women is the vagina typically damp (lubrication), while men’s penis fills with blood and becomes hard and stiff (erection). If a woman’s vagina is not sufficiently moist, it can be difficult or painful for her to have sexual intercourse.

Remember contraception

When a woman in the fertile age (the year in which she has menstrual periods) have intercourse with a man, it is necessary to use birth control if she wants to avoid becoming pregnant. It can also be a good idea to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases by growing “safe sex”.

Protection against pregnancy and STIs?

If two people have sexual intercourse, and one of them has a sexually transmitted disease (e.g., chlamydia ), the other can get infected. Using a condom is the best way to avoid all the infections that can be transmitted sexually between men and women and between two men.

When sex hurts

Sex should be great for all parties involved. But sometimes sexual intercourse be associated with pain. For women in sexual intercourse pain can be a sign of disease in the abdominal or pelvic region, but the most common reason is that the vagina is not moist enough. This may be because the woman is stressed or tense, or that she does not really feel like sex. It could also be that the woman is in menopause. Stress can also get the pelvic floor muscles to tighten up (bækkenbundsmyoser), which can make intercourse and orgasm painful.

The best way to avoid pain and discomfort during sex is that both parties relax, have fun and spend time to warm up. In cases where vaginal dryness is a problem, vagina lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, in sex shops or online. Alternatively, the man licking the woman’s genital opening and thereby damp do it (see below). In women during and after menopause, estrogen-containing suppositories make the vagina more flexible. Talk to your doctor if you experience problems.

Intercourse pain in men is rare, and if you experience pain during erection, intercourse or orgasm, you should consider discussing the matter with your own doctor.

Losing the hymen?

Girls who have never had intercourse with a man (or stimulated herself with a dildo), have an innate mucosal fold in the vagina, called the hymen, hymen or hymen. The fold can appear in many different ways. It can be largely absent or close the vagina almost completely. For the same reason there are great differences in how women experience their first sexual intercourse with a man (or using a dildo). Some brands nothing to the small mucosal fold, while others find it a little pinch and may bleed slightly. It is in any case not dangerous, and if you give her time and care to be moist vagina, few would experience first intercourse as unpleasant or painful.

It is discussed throughout Scandinavia, the word “film” is misleading, since there will not in fact talking about a real film. In South African, the word “sex ring” has been suggested as an alternative.

What position is best?

There are many different sexual positions. The classic between man and woman is the “missionary position” in which the woman lies on her back and the man lies on top of her, between her legs apart. The man and woman can also lie on your side, the woman can sit astride the man ( “riding position”), or she may kneel on all fours while the man walks his penis into the vagina from behind ( “doggy style”). In the “69” position licking the man and woman each other’s genitals while.

Also, two men and two women have sex in a myriad of different ways. Whatever sex you have, it’s only your imagination – and your acrobatic ability – which sets the limits.

If one party is sick or function impaired, you may need to experiment to find a good sex position. Again it is all about trial and error and jointly identify positions that are agreeable to both parties. And if necessary. talk to your doctor if you are in doubt or need advice.

Can a woman get pregnant without having intercourse?

If the man’s penis is inside the vagina, the chance that the woman becomes pregnant, extremely small. The sperm must then reach into the vagina by other means, for instance by the sperm empty into the vaginal opening and then enters the finger or tongue.

Some heterosexual couples practicing the man pulls out when he feels that he is about to ejaculate. However, it is a very uncertain way to avoid pregnancy. When a man is sexually aroused, secreted namely an oily fluid from his penis (in the old days called “tears of joy”), and this fluid contains sperm enough to make the woman pregnant. Moreover, one can easily become infected with a sexsygdom, though who does not have the trigger.

How does sex?

It’s hard to describe the experience of having sex. Most say they are sensitive, warm and excited and orgasm feels like an intense culmination of desire and lust. Many also describes an intense feeling of solidarity with their sexual partner – even if it is one, they may not know well.

It is important to remember that sex rarely feels the same way every time. Sometimes everything goes into a higher unity and intercourse feels like the biggest explosion of love and zest for life. Other times, the experience is more modest and mundane. And other times again, one can have the feeling that “music” never really takes place, and the experience is more frustrating than redemptive.

With sex it is all about trial and error – and daring to tell his partner what feels good and what you want to try.

The orgasm

When sexual excitement builds up and reaches its peak, you may experience an orgasm. It is also called a climax or “come”. The enjoyment often grows gradually during intercourse (or while masturbating), and orgasm feels usually as a kind of culmination accompanied by intense lust. The feeling can be so strong that you are unable to see, hear or think about something other than momentary pleasure. Many sugar, groans or cries of lust, and you can have the feeling of “being away” for a moment. The muscles in the abdomen pulling rhythmically, and some also get muscle contractions elsewhere in the body. Orgasms items mostly only a few seconds. After the orgasm will often feel warm, relaxed and comfortable, and you can experience a strong attachment to his partner.

During the man’s orgasm he will in most cases trigger and spraying semen from the penis (ejaculation). After the man had ejaculation, drops his erection, and he will mostly take a break before he can get an erection and ejaculation again. When the woman orgasms, her vagina become very wet, and some women experience that can spray a little liquid (not urine!) Out of their urethra. Some women may experience more than one orgasm in a row, and women need not pause between two orgasms.

If you do not get an orgasm by masturbation or during intercourse, it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with you. If you have performance anxiety or worry about whether you can get to orgasm, it can make it more difficult for you to relax sufficiently. If you have the feeling that you are completely unable to have an orgasm or enjoy intercourse, it might be a good idea to discuss the matter with your doctor or a sexologist.

What is anal sex?

Anal sex – also called anal intercourse – is when you play with the anus associated with sex. For some it is about to caress the area with finger or tongue, feel pleasure by inserting the penis or a massager / dildo inside the rectum (anal intercourse).

In the old days anal sex considered something that only gay men practiced, but it is not true. Second, there are many gay men who would not dream of cultivating anal sex, partly anal sex was relatively common among heterosexual couples and homosexual women.

If you want to try anal sex, you should ask your partner if he / she wants. If you determine you to have anal sex, it is a good idea to use a silicone-based lubricant, and you should proceed slowly and cautiously, so it’s nice for both of you.

As a man it is important to use condoms when sexually transmitted diseases and HIV may well infect the anal intercourse. Moreover, it is a good idea to change condom (or wash the penis), if one cultivates skedesex having had sexual intercourse in the rectum. Otherwise, there is a small risk that you can transfer harmful intestinal bacteria to the vagina.

How long sex?

It depends on what you mean by sex. The time people spend sexual activities can last from a few seconds to several hours. Some men find that they come very quickly – especially the first time they have intercourse ( premature ejaculation ). Often items intercourse longer, as you become more experienced and comfortable with each other. Sex feels differently from time to time – and your needs change. Sometimes you just horny and need quick rinse. Other times you are more in the mood for slow sex where one allows ample time to caress and fondle each other.

Larmer sex?

Yes, if you even want it! Most people make noises when they have sex. They can moan and groan of lust or even scream loudly when they come. Some people talk with each other during sex – whispered declarations of love or naughty words to each other. Other not talk or make loud noises.

When the man behind the woman and they have vaginal intercourse from behind could easily get air into the vagina, causing fart sounds. Similarly, one can also get to haggle when you have anal sex.

How often people have sex?

The sexual appetite varies considerably from person to person, but also from situation to situation. Some people have sex once or twice a day, while others have it once a month or less frequently. In some phases of life – for example, when you are young and in love – can have sex all the time, while in other periods appreciates more caressing and intimacy than to have intercourse. What sex is concerned, there is no rulebook. It is important to notice what feels right for yourself and your potential partner.

How is grown mundsex?

Mundsex is when someone licks on someone else’s penis or clitoris. Some people like to give or get mundsex, while others do not like it. On this point, we are fortunately different.

By mundsex ejaculation without the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases small, but it is not zero. If you want to be on the safe side, you should use condoms (possibly. With flavor), or a “slikkelap” which is an ultra-thin layer of rubber that is laid over the woman’s external genitalia, before starting to lick.

As with all other types of sex it is all about trial and error. And to say to your partner what you want (or notwant) to try.

How to masturbate?

Women  masturbate typically by rubbing, stroking or press on the clitoris and the area around the clitoris, labia and vaginal entrance. The clitoris is the most erogenous (sexually sensitive) area of the female body. She can also touch her breasts and other sensitive areas of the body. A woman can also masturbate with a dildo or a vibrator, or with hot water from the shower phone when she’s in the shower.

Men masturbate often by rubbing and fondling his penis while the example affect their stomach, abdomen, testicles or nipples. The most sensitive portion is the forward portion of the penis, the penis head.

Both women and men have sexual fantasies while masturbating, and some prefer to masturbate to pornography. It is quite common to have sexual fantasies, even fantasies that are strange or violent, and that you would never dream of put into practice.

Many masturbate anywhere alone, but you can also masturbate each other in connection with (or as a prelude to) sexual intercourse.

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