Aging and Sexuality

Facts About Aging and Sexuality

  • Sexuality has no age
  • A satisfying sex life can have a positive impact on all areas of your life:
    • your physical health
    • your mood
    • your confidence
    • your relationship
  • Maybe sex is not that important to you longer, but in return the intimacy with your partner may become even more important than when you were young
  • Maybe it’s been harder for you to complete sexual intercourse, even if you really want
  • Older people are as diverse as any other. But the sexual aspect of life does not disappear just because you grow older

More than physical satisfaction

According to a survey among 60-year-old South African women felt half sexual desire at least once a month. Just as many had intercourse at least once a month. The survey indicated that most women had kept their sexual needs throughout life.

Many of the women in the study reported that a good sexual experience is more than just physical satisfaction. It was also about atmosphere, proximity and humor. And many said that sex takes longer than in their younger days. They were also told that it required more stimulation than previously to become sexually aroused or orgasm.

A similar study among 60-year-old South African men showed that about half of the men in the study had sex weekly or more often. Just over half had sex at least once a month. Two thirds masturbated, and two-thirds were satisfied with their current sexual life. Like the women described the men a good sexual experience as something more than just the satisfaction of a physical need. It was also about privacy, security, closeness and communication.

Photo of elderly couple


With age, there is a variety of bodily changes that may mean that sex becomes more difficult or takes longer. For example, many women, the vagina becomes less moist and elastic after menopause. Men may find it more difficult to get or sustain an erection. Many elderly people also says that orgasm feels less intense than before. Besides experiencing quite a lot of older people that their health would stand in the way of past sexual life. For it is well known that chronic disease, side effects of medications and other treatments and pain can negatively affect both the desire and ability to have sex. Even if the desire for a continued sex life is present.

For some older people means the bodily changes that sex life grinds to a halt. Others are experimenting and finding new opportunities. This may involve new sexual positions or new ways to stimulate each other on the (possibly. With the use of an electric massager). If vaginal dryness is a problem, the doctor can print estrogen-containing suppositories. Moreover, it is a good idea to always use a silicone based lubricant. Erectile Difficulty can be treated with medication, and there are also facilities such as penis pump and vibrator.

The key is to be patient and trial and error, and to be open to his partner about his wants and needs. There is no reason to put sexuality on the shelf if you do not feel like it.

Talk to your doctor about sex

We live in a very youth fixated culture, and there are unfortunately many negative stereotypes about older people’s sexuality. Them it is high time to do away with. For as mentioned sexuality is a human “raw material” that we have with us throughout life. As older people are not asexual – even though sex may take a long time or having sex in a different way than before.

Unfortunately, many health professionals, who have difficulty talking about sexuality. They may believe that their older patients are devoid of sexual needs. More often it is their own shyness, or a feeling that they do not know enough about sexology, is the problem. You can not be sure that your doctor takes the initiative to talk to you about sexual matters, and therefore it is a good idea even to discuss the subject, if you need advice or help themselves. Do not be afraid to take up the theme with your doctor. Perhaps just such a conversation give you new knowledge about assistive technology or medicine. Or inspire you to talk about the subject openly with your partner, so you can enjoy your sex life as long as I have the energy and desire.

For those who get a new partner, it is important to remember that STIs are not reserved for the young. Use a condom and get tested if you are in doubt whether you may have been infected.

And for those who do not have or want any spouse doctor can also advise you on masturbation. Nor it is reserved youth.

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