Bladder Training

Facts About Bladder Training

  • Urgency (urge) incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine due to a sudden, severe, irresistible urge to urinate
  • Treatment is primarily bladder training, pelvic floor exercises and medication
  • Botox injection into the bladder wall or electro-stimulation can be tried in severe cases

What is normal?

Usually, bladder contain between 3 and 5 dl urine before the urge to urinate becomes troublesome. How often you need the toilet, obviously depends on how much you drink. But normal is 4-8 times a day. It is not uncommon to have to up at night, especially if you have difficulty falling asleep, or if you have been drinking a lot at night.

Remember: coffee, tea and alcohol are diuretics, and “what comes in after 18 going out at night.”

Usually we drink one and a half liters of fluid a day. If you wake up several times a night, and has many urination during the day without having to have drunk especially much, it may be a sign that the bladder is overactive and may require “training”.

Urine leakage and abnormal bladder function

In some cases, the cause of the symptoms that the bladder has become accustomed to, that you go to the bathroom right away, you feel the urge. In this manner, the bladder will perceive signals to urination by decreasing urine output. This can eventually become annoying with toilet frequently with only small amounts of urine. In such cases, it may be effective to train the bladder.

Also in the cases where you have strong urinary urgency with loss of urine (urine leakage), it can help with bladder training. It will of course also be required with other treatment methods, but one method does not exclude the other.

By urine leakage in the context of efforts such as coughing, sneezing and lifting will bladder training does not have any effect.

Training Program

  1. Start by keeping a list of your toilet one or two days before you start exercising. Continue with this after you have started training. So you can see if it gets better
  2. If you have strong desire and it feels as if you’re going to pee my pants if you’re not going to the bathroom, you need to concentrate heavily on trying to suppress this urge. You may sit down, if necessary. The goal is that you should try to control the bladder
  3. When you feel normal cravings and would normally go to the toilet, try to hold back in about 15 minutes. If you are afraid of accidentally, you can use a towel or a diaper
  4. When you manage to hold you for 15 minutes, increase to 30 and later to 45 minutes. Later, you increase by 15 or 30 minutes each time. The goal is that you manage to keep you in 3-5 hours, and that you avoid having to get up at night

It is also important that you try to avoid drinking too much at night. By persistent training can feel improvement already after 1-2 weeks. You should continue to exercise as long as you feel the recovery.

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