Vulvar and Vaginal Hygiene

Facts About Vaginal Hygiene

  • Improper hygiene in and around the vagina can cause a variety of symptoms and genes, eg vaginal discharge, odor, pain and / or itching, urinary discomfort, irritation bottom, recurrent fungal infections
  • The vagina is a normal flora of bacteria which form lactic acid and ensures the proper acidity, that inhibit other bacteria to grow in
  • Genes from the vagina comes when there is an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina.
    • For example, excessive washing or irritants
  • Avoid soap and washcloths in the vagina (all types), synthetic panties, intimate spray / deodorant and limit the use of tampons and panty
  • If you still have problems, try to avoid using suppositories with lactic every night for 14 days
    • For example, every two months – they can be bought without a prescription

Inconveniences caused by improper hygiene

Improper hygiene in and around the vagina can cause a variety of symptoms and genes, for example:

  • Discharge
  • Bad smell
  • Burning and / or itching
  • Urinary Genes
  • Feelings of irritation bottom
  • Recurring fungal infections

The vagina must be “sour”

In the vagina are a number of bacteria that are responsible to keep the vagina clean and normal. There must be a proper balance in the vagina, and a favorable environment which allows the normal bacteria favorable growth conditions and inhibit the other. The normal environment of the vagina is “acidic” (low pH). The bacterium Lactobacillus form lactic acid and provide the right acidity and balance in the vagina.

Do not wash Lactobacillus away!

Lactobacillus are very sensitive to foreign substances, such as soaps.

If the amount of Lactobacillus decreases, the environment will be less acidic. It creates better growth conditions for other bacteria that can irritate the vagina wall and cause more vaginal discharge. This will all sink with soap in the vagina creating a “vicious circle” – the more washing with soap, the worse it gets!

The vagina is self-cleaning and is usually not rinsed or washed.

Allergies and irritants

A normal environment of the vagina and around the vulva is best ensured by doing as little as possible and allow the air comes to. Many girls use panty almost daily. Most posts are klorblegede to be as white as possible. Chlorine is irritating to mucous membranes and the environment is disturbed. The same can happen if you are allergic to synthetic fibers in modern panties or are allergic to certain types of soap.

After treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics, the normal bacterial flora of the vagina is impaired and undesirable bacteria and fungi grow. If the balance is not restored by the use of the advice below, which by interfering fungal infection be a need for an agent against fungi.

recommended hygiene

In order to maintain or improve the environment in the vagina following is recommended:

  • Avoid soap (all types) and washcloths
  • Only use tampons during your period
  • Attempts possibly. completely avoiding tampons and use napkins instead
  • Do not use panty unless it is very necessary (menstrual)
  • Use any panties pure cotton, which allows the body to breathe
  • Using intimate spray and deodorant in the vagina should be avoided
  • If you still have problems, you can prevent the following:
    • Use suppositories with lactic every night for 14 days, for example, every two months – they can be bought without prescription at the pharmacy

It may take some time

It may take a while to get vaginal environment back in the right balance. You will probably experience more relapses along the way. But slowly, fungal infections and other irritation become rarer and rarer. However, it is important that you always think of really intimate hygiene, until it becomes a habit for you and comes naturally to you in your daily life.

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