Clinical Information on Mycoplasma Genitalium

Basic information Mycoplasma Genitalium Definition The bacterium Mycoplasma genitalium was isolated for the first time in 19801 There is increasing evidence that the bacterium can cause urogenital symptoms and infection The bacterium is also found in asymptomatic individuals occurrence The prevalence of Mycoplasma genitalium depends on the population under study: In […]

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Mycoplasma Genitalium

Facts About Mycoplasma Genitalium Mycoplasma genitalium is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection The symptoms of Mycoplasma genitalium are the same as for Chlamydia = Pain on urination and increased vaginal discharge The treatment of Mycoplasma genitalium are antibiotics, for longer than the chlamydia It is important to partner tracing, if you […]

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