Displacement of Menstruation

Facts About The Displacement of Menstruation

  • You can delay your period by using the pill and refrain breaks.
  • It is easiest to put off, if you use the most commonly used contraceptive pill – the monophasic (all pills are the same and contain the same amount of hormone)
  • You can choose to take all or part of the next packet
  • You can not rely on pills, if you take them in less than three weeks in a row, but you can take them for a long time without a break
  • There is no medical problems by taking the pill without a break

If you use the pill, you can delay a period

You can delay your period by using the pill. Which pill to take, and which ones you should skip varies between the different brands.

Monophasic oral contraceptives

Most of the pill that is used today is monophasic. This means that all the tablets are identical and contain the same hormone quantity. You can look at the COC pack, whether you use a monophasic or a flerfasisk preparation.

It is easiest to delay menstruation, if you use a monophasic pill. All you need to do is to skip the pill-free week and proceed directly to the next package without pausing. You can continue to take a pill every day until you want your bleeding to come.

If you use the pill pack of 28 pills, the last 7 pills sugar pills, and then you skip them and go directly to the next package.

You can also choose to take the pill every day and only pause if you get spotting. So pauses 4-7 days. Do not keep a long break, so you can not rely on the pills work.

It may seem natural to have bleeding once a month when taking the pill, but it is an artificially induced bleeding that has no connection with your natural hormone balance. Do you take the pill, works your own cycle is not. There is no medical reason to soft and it does not benefit the body. If you have menstrual pain or other symptoms associated with menstruation, it may on the contrary, there may be benefits to taking the pill every day.

If you experiment with the pill, DO NOT make the break longer than a week, and you should not take the Pill for less than three consecutive weeks. If you do, or if you miss one or more birth control pills, you can not count on the Pill protect against pregnancy. Therefore, you must remember to use the second to form prevention.

Trefasiske COCs

In three-phase pill varies hormone amount of pills and various pills have different colors. Here it does not matter what you take, or skipping – it varies from brand to brand. You should seek advice from your doctor – and preferably avoid experimenting.

If you do not use the pill

If you do not use the Pill, but in time, it would be inconvenient for you to bleed at a certain time, it is safest to start taking monophasic pill one to two months before you want to delay your menstruation. You use the pills as described above, ie without pause.

Right well protected

If you expose your period, you get many more small bleedings than usual – especially at the time when your period would normally have come. It is important to be aware that you can have small bleedings, even if you take the Pill right to postpone menstruation.

If you keep your period as described, you will be as well protected against pregnancy as you are when you use the Pill common.

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